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隨着時代轉變,香港使用電商平台和社交平台人數及每人使用網店平台的購物次數都不斷上升。加上近年疫情關係香港人留港消費及在家工作,推動購買非必需品或日常用品都在網上商店進行。早期香港人大多用外國的網店平台如亞馬遜或者eBay,而國內的網店平台主要是用淘寶及拼多多等。但隨着需求上升和網店平台的增加,常用香港網店平台也多了不少,主要如Shopline, Shopify, EasyStore, BigCommerce, Squarespace 和 WooCommerce, 以下會為這六個常用的網店系統香港比較一下其營銷功能及支援等等。


+ 是亞洲最大的網店平台















-CDN 網絡無法在中國直接取用,故中國內地的加載速度較慢


+ 這網店平台特有市集程式,可自由加入件數擴充店舖



+免費S S L安全性憑證

















+這網店平台有responsive mobile template 功能,當店主更新網頁內容,手機版也自動作出更新


-支付方式不多,只接受PayPal,Stripe 和Apple Pay,完全沒任何香港及中國國內慣用的支付方式












經詳細了解後,以上列出了Shopline, Shopify, EasyStore, BigCommerce, Squarespace 和 WooCommerce 的特點,開設香港網店以 Shopify 最為適合,尤其是初入門的店主最為合適。


香港公司絕大部份以中小型為主,除了時代轉變外近兩年更因為疫情關係實體店難以經營。這批中小型公司,一般各人都身兼多職,不單止管理而且在運作上還親力親為,也不像大企業有IT技術部門做支援,所以如果要在開設網店之前要花上大量時間學習開店及操作技術,這樣可能久久不能成事,Shopify 的技術支援及簡易模板正正切合這群中小型店主,尤其是不慣於常常網購的一群,Shopify更是絕對適合。

Shopify 的高級搜索引擎技術(SEO)及於香港設有伺服器站,都有利於貨品銷售。而Shopify 更是加拿大的龍頭網店平台之一,對於長線投資,日後有計劃衝出香港的網店,Shopify 應該是首選。

I Need a New Flushing Toilet

I need to change the toilet that is why I want to buy a new flushing toilet so I can ensure my home is clean. Shopping is among the tasks I used to hate but as time went by, I learned to shop smart. That is what I will show in my review today.

I know finding flushing that will meet all your needs is not an easy task. It can be tedious and time-consuming to finally pick one among the many in the market. But I have a better way of doing it. First, you should know what features you want your toilet to have.  It doesn’t matter if you need a flushing toilet that is powerful or need something that is efficient, you need to evaluate the product carefully. Good research will help you to find the best flushing toilet.

Some toilets can help you reduce your power bills because they use less water while offering a powerful flush. This means that if your location has difficulties with water, a toilet that uses less water is a good option for you. Another thing to keep in mind is the type and size that you need. Buy your toilet while keeping the bathroom space in mind. Also, keep the kind of flush they use in mind. Having shared this, follow me as I review some of the best flushing toilets that you should buy.

Santa Rosa 3810-0 comfort height 1.28 GPF Toilet from KOHLER

Santa Rosa 3810-0 comfort height 1.28 GPF from KOHLER 

This toilet from Kohler is among the toilets that we would recommend to anyone going shopping soon. It is a one-piece toilet that integrates the reservoir and dish into a seamless, simple to clean pattern. The compact elongated bowl provides additional comfort while filling the same area as the rounded forward bowl. This ensures that you save space and the toilet is installed in the right place and fits well. Apart from that, the comfort elevation feature provides a chair-height seating that causes standing up and sitting down to do your thing easy and comfortable for nearly everybody.

Recommended read: Check out these best toilet auger that will help you clean your toilet if things get stuck.

Also, this toilet comes with a lid and seat included and thus avoiding additional costs. However, this toilet does not come with a supply line and this means you will purchase it separately. Additionally, this toilet features a canister flush valve that is powerful and assists to prevent clogs minus wasting your water.


  • Installing this toilet is easy
  • The toilet is comfortable to use
  • Standing up and sitting down on this toilet is easy
  • It offers you a powerful flush
  • It does not clog
  • The toilet occupies less space


  • I found out that the toilet seat is not made to quality standards and thus you will use some extra cash to get a good one.

Aqua-Magic 31667 V RV High Profile Toilet from Thetford

Aqua-Magic 31667 V RV High Profile from Thetford

If you are looking for a toilet with a one handle flush mechanism, this is the one you should consider investing in. All you need is to push it partially so you can add water into the dish and through to flush. The toilet features a classic style that is designed for RVs and all recreational motors. The textured cap on this toilet resists scuffs and sheds water to offer the feeling and comfort of a family toilet. It is one of the best. If your aim is to find a new toilet is to reduce water consumption and eventually the water bills, this toilet gives you exactly that. It allows you to fit it with a hand sprayer so you can have a hand rinse wash down.


  • The flush is user-friendly
  • It helps to lessen the consumption of water and thus reduces your water bills
  • The installation of this toilet is easy
  • The toilet is comfortable
  • Resists scuffs
  • This toilet is lightweight


  • It doesn’t feature a mounting gasket


A toilet is where all of us visit when we first wake up in the morning. That is why every one of us should ensure that is it is crucial to ensure that it always looks smart. Visiting an appealing place before you go to the office is a good way to start your day. A comfortable toilet gives you a feeling of going back again should there be a need.

Using an Auger

I bought a toilet auger the other day because some of the students who joined the training the other day were asking about how to use it. If you have been seeing or know about it and don’t know how to use it, follow this post to the end.

When should you reach for the toilet auger?

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Once your toilet gets clogged, the initial plan of action is to consider utilizing a bathroom plunger.  The tool is similar to a standard cup-style plunger utilized on a standard tub, shower drain, or sink. But it has a middle flange that let you seal the equipment against the pipe hole in the bathroom for plunging. Usually, this tool alone will release the clog that is triggering the issue. But what will you do if the plunger fails to work?

If the plunger isn’t enough to unblock a jammed toilet, another alternative is a toilet bit. Similar to a standard drain snake, the toilet auger has a wire that rotates by a grip, but this gear is specifically created for bathrooms with a deep tube fixed to an elbow fixture covered by a rubber sleeve that shields the toilet bowl from scratches.

It is absolutely possible to unclog a clog in the toilet using a standard drain snake. However, often, you will neglect disfiguring marks in the base of the dish. A drain auger, alternatively will not scrape the porcelain of the toilet. There is a flexible wire in the toilet auger which is fed via the drain of the toilet drain utilizing a hand lever and the cord’s strong head is created to remove tough clogs. Actually, this equipment isn’t fit for other kinds of work. However, since the toilet clogs are the most popular plumbing issue, this is a valuable investment.

Materials and tools you need

Household gloves
  • Gloves
  • Toilet auger

Place the bathroom auger cord

Draw the handle of the auger up through the way so that the wire’s end is near to the base bent end of the auger pipe. The curved elbow piece will cause feeding the wire into the toilet simple, and the plastic or rubber covering will shield the toilet from marks.

When it is inserted correctly, you should not see the auger cable’s end but rather the housing alone.

At all times make use of a set of gloves while handling the toilet auger cord.

Crank the grip to auger the cord into the block main drain line. You will require another solution.

Utilize a single hand to grip the housing of your toilet auger and secure well. While your other hand is on the grip, crank the auger to softly work the cable into the drain of the toilet. Work gently and calmly because a lot of force may trigger the cord to double back on itself instead of moving through that drain.

You will have to reverse the path of the starting motion several times for you to get the cord into the toilet. Pedal in a single direction till the cord stops feeding. After that, change to the other path and carry on to feeding the cord till the handle of the auger is tight against the upper of the tube of the auger. Turn the cord many times after it has attained the complete extension. You might feel the cord accessing the clog, marked by resistance. This alone makes a toilet auger suitable for removing clog.

This is Why They Clog

The toilet in the office is clogged. I think I know why it clogged and I want to share some of the things that may cause a toilet to clog. There are some ways you can prevent expensive repairs in the toilet. The simplest one is to skip potentially trap jamming items. In this article, I provide you with some of the things that trigger clogging.

Causes of toilet clogging

Courtesy Flush

Toilet paper and clog cleaner

Among the key causes of clogging in a toilet is the toilet paper. In case you love utilizing huge toilet paper quantities, it is beneficial to first wash out the waste rather than succeed with a blush to get rid of the toilet sheet. Furthermore, fold the paper to offer the preferred thickness instead of making an orbit. Toilet paper balls that are bound tightly usually are very huge to go through the small diameter trap. Minimizing the toilet paper utilized and reducing the balling behavior you may practically get rid of clogs caused by a toilet paper. In the event you end up with a blocked toilet, you should begin by offering an awesome dive using a toilet pump. Specifically, headstrong clogs may require you to bring in experts to turn the pipe.

Feminine hygiene

Sanitary tampons and napkins are a popular reason a toilet can block. Since tampons are created to take in moisture and enlarge, the item will do the same inside the trap. Furthermore, many sanitary towels have plastic coverings that do not evaporate and the utter size of many of the pads limits passage via the small diameter trap. In case your toilet gets clogged thanks to these items, get the help of a professional plumber right away.


Hair clumps picture

Huge pet fur or human hair may both trigger a toilet blockage. In case you have acquired the practice of flushing fur or hair from the brushed down your toilet, stop the habit right away. In case the toilet is blocked by repeated hair clumps flushing, you will have to get the help of an expert plumber to turn the channel.


Maybe the most headstrong clogs are triggered once the random items are inadvertently flushed. For instance, a toothbrush drops from the sink, little Mary drops her doll, a razor falls in as you are shaving. Therefore, the last thing you desire to perform is to fish in the toilet, but that’s the best solution. Even though there are moments when such things get flushed prior to you noticing, there are chances that if huge enough, an item will trigger a toilet to block almost immediately.

A toothbrush might appear to pass through but it may serve as a nare and finally block the toilet. By snaking the drain of the toilet, it is the single method to get rid of strong clogs like this one.

This is another strong clog item. In case you utilize the kind of freshener that hangs over the toilet rim, the hooks may deteriorate with time and the freshener will drop in your toilet. Pick a stable freshener or one that is out in a reservoir to prevent this issue. Snaking the drain of your toilet is the best way to get rid of the flushed freshener.