I Need a New Flushing Toilet

I need to change the toilet that is why I want to buy a new flushing toilet so I can ensure my home is clean. Shopping is among the tasks I used to hate but as time went by, I learned to shop smart. That is what I will show in my review today.

I know finding flushing that will meet all your needs is not an easy task. It can be tedious and time-consuming to finally pick one among the many in the market. But I have a better way of doing it. First, you should know what features you want your toilet to have.  It doesn’t matter if you need a flushing toilet that is powerful or need something that is efficient, you need to evaluate the product carefully. Good research will help you to find the best flushing toilet.

Some toilets can help you reduce your power bills because they use less water while offering a powerful flush. This means that if your location has difficulties with water, a toilet that uses less water is a good option for you. Another thing to keep in mind is the type and size that you need. Buy your toilet while keeping the bathroom space in mind. Also, keep the kind of flush they use in mind. Having shared this, follow me as I review some of the best flushing toilets that you should buy.

Santa Rosa 3810-0 comfort height 1.28 GPF Toilet from KOHLER

Santa Rosa 3810-0 comfort height 1.28 GPF from KOHLER 

This toilet from Kohler is among the toilets that we would recommend to anyone going shopping soon. It is a one-piece toilet that integrates the reservoir and dish into a seamless, simple to clean pattern. The compact elongated bowl provides additional comfort while filling the same area as the rounded forward bowl. This ensures that you save space and the toilet is installed in the right place and fits well. Apart from that, the comfort elevation feature provides a chair-height seating that causes standing up and sitting down to do your thing easy and comfortable for nearly everybody.

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Also, this toilet comes with a lid and seat included and thus avoiding additional costs. However, this toilet does not come with a supply line and this means you will purchase it separately. Additionally, this toilet features a canister flush valve that is powerful and assists to prevent clogs minus wasting your water.


  • Installing this toilet is easy
  • The toilet is comfortable to use
  • Standing up and sitting down on this toilet is easy
  • It offers you a powerful flush
  • It does not clog
  • The toilet occupies less space


  • I found out that the toilet seat is not made to quality standards and thus you will use some extra cash to get a good one.

Aqua-Magic 31667 V RV High Profile Toilet from Thetford

Aqua-Magic 31667 V RV High Profile from Thetford

If you are looking for a toilet with a one handle flush mechanism, this is the one you should consider investing in. All you need is to push it partially so you can add water into the dish and through to flush. The toilet features a classic style that is designed for RVs and all recreational motors. The textured cap on this toilet resists scuffs and sheds water to offer the feeling and comfort of a family toilet. It is one of the best. If your aim is to find a new toilet is to reduce water consumption and eventually the water bills, this toilet gives you exactly that. It allows you to fit it with a hand sprayer so you can have a hand rinse wash down.


  • The flush is user-friendly
  • It helps to lessen the consumption of water and thus reduces your water bills
  • The installation of this toilet is easy
  • The toilet is comfortable
  • Resists scuffs
  • This toilet is lightweight


  • It doesn’t feature a mounting gasket


A toilet is where all of us visit when we first wake up in the morning. That is why every one of us should ensure that is it is crucial to ensure that it always looks smart. Visiting an appealing place before you go to the office is a good way to start your day. A comfortable toilet gives you a feeling of going back again should there be a need.