Using an Auger

I bought a toilet auger the other day because some of the students who joined the training the other day were asking about how to use it. If you have been seeing or know about it and don’t know how to use it, follow this post to the end.

When should you reach for the toilet auger?

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Once your toilet gets clogged, the initial plan of action is to consider utilizing a bathroom plunger.  The tool is similar to a standard cup-style plunger utilized on a standard tub, shower drain, or sink. But it has a middle flange that let you seal the equipment against the pipe hole in the bathroom for plunging. Usually, this tool alone will release the clog that is triggering the issue. But what will you do if the plunger fails to work?

If the plunger isn’t enough to unblock a jammed toilet, another alternative is a toilet bit. Similar to a standard drain snake, the toilet auger has a wire that rotates by a grip, but this gear is specifically created for bathrooms with a deep tube fixed to an elbow fixture covered by a rubber sleeve that shields the toilet bowl from scratches.

It is absolutely possible to unclog a clog in the toilet using a standard drain snake. However, often, you will neglect disfiguring marks in the base of the dish. A drain auger, alternatively will not scrape the porcelain of the toilet. There is a flexible wire in the toilet auger which is fed via the drain of the toilet drain utilizing a hand lever and the cord’s strong head is created to remove tough clogs. Actually, this equipment isn’t fit for other kinds of work. However, since the toilet clogs are the most popular plumbing issue, this is a valuable investment.

Materials and tools you need

Household gloves
  • Gloves
  • Toilet auger

Place the bathroom auger cord

Draw the handle of the auger up through the way so that the wire’s end is near to the base bent end of the auger pipe. The curved elbow piece will cause feeding the wire into the toilet simple, and the plastic or rubber covering will shield the toilet from marks.

When it is inserted correctly, you should not see the auger cable’s end but rather the housing alone.

At all times make use of a set of gloves while handling the toilet auger cord.

Crank the grip to auger the cord into the block main drain line. You will require another solution.

Utilize a single hand to grip the housing of your toilet auger and secure well. While your other hand is on the grip, crank the auger to softly work the cable into the drain of the toilet. Work gently and calmly because a lot of force may trigger the cord to double back on itself instead of moving through that drain.

You will have to reverse the path of the starting motion several times for you to get the cord into the toilet. Pedal in a single direction till the cord stops feeding. After that, change to the other path and carry on to feeding the cord till the handle of the auger is tight against the upper of the tube of the auger. Turn the cord many times after it has attained the complete extension. You might feel the cord accessing the clog, marked by resistance. This alone makes a toilet auger suitable for removing clog.